The Coolest Thing Made in Iowa competition was created to be a fun and lighthearted way to showcase the impressive diversity of products manufactured in Iowa and to promote manufacturing careers. 

All nominees and voters agree to abide by both the rules outlined below and the overall spirit of the competition.

Competition Rules

  1. The product must be manufactured in Iowa.
  2. The company headquarters does not need to be in Iowa, but the product must be manufactured in an Iowa-based facility.
  3. The product must be made using a manufacturing process. For example, a restaurant that makes “made to order” pizzas would not qualify but a food manufacturer that mass-produces frozen pizzas would. ABI reserves the sole right to determine what products qualify for the contest.
  4. Companies may only have one product featured in the Top 16, so only one product nomination per company is encouraged.
  5. Winning companies are prohibited from participating in the contest for one year, while each winning product is indefinitely prohibited from being nominated again.
  6. Voting is open to the public. A person may cast one vote per device per day when voting is open. Once a device has been used to cast a vote, it cannot be used to cast another vote in the popular vote round or same bracket match-up until 24 hours has elapsed. Any attempt to circumvent the one vote per person per device per day restriction by the use of internet bots or any other means to artificially increase vote totals is prohibited and may subject the nominee or contestant to disqualification.
  7. ABI reserves the sole right to interpret contest rules, to amend competition rules or eligibility requirements without notice, and disqualify any nominee or contestant suspected of or actually violating or attempting to violate or circumvent the rules of the Coolest Thing Made in Iowa competition.